Hi there! I’m a recovering achievement-addict, finding my way back to faith, rest and freedom after a severe and sudden burnout. I love God, but sometimes wrestle with faith. I am a mom, a wife, a reluctant runner, a former pastor and current sojourner. During the wee hours of the morning, I teach English to earn a living. During the day, I blend my own tea to indulge my addiction and tap into that creative part of me. But I dream of being an author, speaker and preacher and pointing the way to abundant life, freedom in Christ. Only first I have to learn to live it myself…

Join me as I search for what it means to live fully free, to be fully alive in Christ and to truly live the abundant life.

Speaking Ministry

I love to talk about my God and His word! I believe in the Holy Bible, and think questions and doubts can be ways God pursues us to know Him more intimately, so am willing to wrestle with tough questions. I have been privileged to be a part of a church who believe women are part of the Body of Christ, and have allowed me to be a part of our preaching ministry. I enjoy speaking at camps, retreats, conferences and churches.

Finishing the Unfinished: Nehemiah’s remarkable
transformation of shameful ruins into
“walls called salvation” and my own
restoration story.
The book of Joshua… in all its mess and ugly glory.
Reconciling a promised victory with the brutalities of war.
The Trials of a King:
God’s story in the narrative of
David and Bathsheba.
Worry or Wonder? Our choice when
the enemy seems impossible
to defeat, through the story of the Exodus.