Managing the tension between fear and faith

This is a season of uncertainty, and fear is overwhelming for many of us. Yesterday the news broke that schools are cancelled indefinitely. Today all non-essential businesses are mandated to close. Everything is changing so quickly!

I think fear has a purpose. I’ve been the person paralyzed by anxiety, and I’ve been the person refusing to give into fear and erring on the side of stupid. Neither extremes were life-giving. I want to let fear do it’s job of leading me to wisdom, and I want to let faith do it’s job of moving forward in spite of fear.

Lately I’ve been reading in the book of Exodus, and if there’s anyone who had to regularly face fear, it was those Israelites. Whether fear of Pharaoh, fear of his army, fear of the unknown or fear of dying in the desert, they lived some pretty terrifying times. Sometimes they dealt with fear with incredible faith and I’m amazed at their stories. Sometimes they fell apart and seemingly insignificant obstacles. Yet I’ve been inspired by their stories and the role of fear in the book of Exodus.

You can read more about this on Worth Beyond Rubies, where I’m excited to be featured as a guest blogger! Keep looking around in her site – as a Jewish believer, she has some inspiring insights into the Bible that are well worth reading!

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